The Course

"At Pasadera, we haven't changed the landscape to accommodate the golf course, but rather we have adapted the golf course to complement what Mother Nature has already created. By doing so, we have given players an opportunity to experience the truly unique qualities of golf on the Monterey Peninsula."



David Merrill, PGA
Pasadera Country Club
100 Pasadera Drive
Monterey, CA 93940

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Nicklaus 01

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Nicklaus 01 - RT :20, 1280:720, MP4 - DOWNLOAD SOURCE
"It's exciting to come back here to Pasadera. This is where we first came to this unique concept of a bridge of US and China's business leaders. And of course we share the goal of making Pasadera such a platform." 

Nicklaus 02

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"We at Nicklaus design were one of the first to design golf courses in China I think that we've been there a little over twenty years. We think that we've seen the game grow. We've seen the number of golf courses and number of golfers grow. The Chinese are now looking for quality not only in design but also the overall development and the amenities around the course, an in ongoing management. Anything that happens in the world needs to happen with good, constructive, realistic, sound, management." 

Nicklaus 03

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"Two or three years ago I said would we have a Chinese golfer in the top ten and I start looking at the population billion three hundred million people enthusiasm that they have, and the coordination of the athletes that the perform in the Olympics you know, you look at it and say, "Hey maybe you might half the players world come from China as it develops."

Dr. Guang Yang

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Dr. Guang Yang, Chairman/CEO, Finergy Capital - RT :37, 1280:720, MP4 - DOWNLOAD SOURCE
"As you know China has short history in golf compared to other countries such as Scotland Ireland and the United States. Now that the game of golf is growing in China and we feel the cultures surrounding, it (golf) needs to grow with it and in our minds there is no better person to help to grow the golf correctly in China than Jack Nicklaus. We are very excited to work with Jack and his team."

Pasadera B-Roll

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Pasadera B-Roll - RT :51, 1280:720, MP4 - DOWNLOAD SOURCE